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Cynthia Barbour

I am so delighted that you’re here. My goal is to connect with you and also provide real value when it comes to working as an online entrepreneur and affiliate marketer. I hope that we will get to know one another and start on your journey together to reach your goals.

Let me share a bit about myself…

I started my journey online back in 1989; I was getting tired of working a 9-5 job. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to work, it was the fact that I got so tired of the office politics, the gossip, and a sarcastic supervisor that found joy in harassing me daily. My dream was to work from home and becoming an entrepreneur. Working from home was my desire, so when I got home from work, I would log in to my computer and began to do Google searches on working from home.

I ended up finding a business opportunity, but the person I joined the business under wasn’t very helpful, when I asked questions he would point me to the training provided in the back-office. That type of person I call a recruiter, the type of person that advertised to make a buck, someone that didn’t care about the person that he signed-up. I ended up after less than 6 months quitting.

From my experience I made up my mind that I would be a sponsor, not a recruiter, a sponsor is one that takes the time to assist people that join their business, and invest their time to train and be their when their downline have questions and need help.

My joy comes from training people and mentoring them so they can be successful.

By 1994 my life took a turn, I became pregnant with triplets and because it was a high-risk pregnancy I had to leave my job after ten years. I ended having to be admitted into the hospital to be on bedrest for 7 1/2 weeks; I only made it to 28 weeks in my pregnancy.

Having my babies that early there were some issues, two were 1lb 14 ounces, and one was 1lb 9 ounces. They were born in August and just before Thanksgiving they were released from the NICU.

I came up with a plan to resume my Internet entrepreneur dreams when they were about a year old. But life to another turn my children started to slow down in their development, and I had to get them evaluated at Boston Children Hospital when I went back to get the results the doctors diagnosed my boys with PDD autism and my daughter with Global delays.

That was a big blow, but I had to take action and get some help, my days changed, and theirs did too in-home visits from a speech therapist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, then early intervention. ABA therapist started when they started elementary school. I am thankful that I had those services.

When my kids started going to school I started back on my quest to become an internet entrepreneur and ended up joining a new online business; I joined under a sponsor who was a dream come true. It was great to have an amazing mentor to teach me the ropes and give me a great foundation.

I really worked hard and built a large organization in that business and earned up to $2000 a month. It was wonderful. But lives challenges hit me again. My sponsor decided to start a co-op, and things were going well, but the person he partnered with that handled the money ended up having financial problems and stole the money. My organization started dropping along with my income and when all was said and done my income went from $2000 down to $250.

I ended up telling the remaining people that stuck with me that I was leaving and they also left. I learned a valuable lesson going through that.

I have since been involved with multiple online businesses. I continue to be a mentor/marketing coach. I am presently a partner with the Four Percent Group which I really love. I thought that I knew everything about marketing online, but I was wrong. I am learning some new skills and marketing techniques, and added some personal development. My mission is to share my new knowledge and help others to be successful online.

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